PITEC was founded in 2017 in the so-called Brazil´s Silicon Valley region. PITEC's mission is to drive communication and imaging systems evolution through advanced configurable hardware.

PITEC delivers highly customized equipment and R&D services for its customers, including systems and X-ray detectors for materials science and medical

applications, urban mobility billing systems devices and professional services in optical communications.

The company's current product portfolio includes a complete line of X-Ray Detectors called “PIMEGA”. PIMEGA is used in materials science experiments that are carried out in synchrotron light source particle accelerators. SIRIUS, the largest and most complex Brazilian scientific project in Brazil, is the main user of PIMEGA today.

Continuous training and collaborations with universities, institutes of science and technology and companies are key pillars at PITEC aiming at talent development,  intellectual property rights and advanced technology that will ultimately add value to the company and to its customers.

Quality Policy

The companies from the IDEA Group, formed by IDEA, BRPHOTONICS and PITEC, in their development and production activities, have as quality policy to provide technological solutions and products in accordance to the applicable requirements, seeking continuously the enhancement of the quality management system and its activities, the capacitation of their employees and the satisfaction of their customers and stakeholders.