PIMEGA 135D Overview

The PIMEGA 135D is the perfect choice for synchrotron detector if your research requires large-area, high-resolution and high-frame per second rate detectors.

The PIMEGA 135D operates without dead-time offering adjustable energy-discriminating threshold. All PIMEGA detectors makes use of CERN Medipix3RX ASIC, with pixel size of 55 µm which make direct  detection of photons to deliver highest spatial resolution data (2,359,296 pixels) with unprecedent data frame rate (2000 fps).

PIMEGA 135D has two options of sensor head assembly: superposed sensors for gapless configuration (medium to far distance sample positioning applications), and coplanar sensors configuration (close distance positioning applications). Additionally, Pitec has several different options of backend systems (optional) according the user applications.

PIMEGA 135D is the perfect solution to you fully explore the capabilities of your beamline with full support from Pitec expert team.

Pimega 135D Data Sheet

PIMEGA 135D Detector

PIMEGA 135D  Use case

A Courtesy of the LNLS-Sirius @CNPEM, Brazil